Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Charlie yesterday

Don't let this picture of domestic tranquility fool you. Charlie had a stomach virus over the weekend and was still feeling it a bit on Monday.

I honestly don't recall either Colin or Jake being "terrible twos" except one or two outbursts in public places - I walked off and left them to it, groveling on the floor of the grocery store, but those were simpler times - but Charlie is working on perfecting his act. At one point I had to walk into the next room because I didn't want to laugh in his little face.

You can almost see the little wheels turning when he pitches a fit when he's denied some unreasonable request. If I could conjure bananas from thin air, my darling I would and if I did, I'm fairly positive you would then refuse to eat them!!  This too, shall pass.


Stephanie Jo said...

I think Charlie has a great idea: sitting in a box (or plastic tub) with a teddy, pillow and blanket. How many times I wouldn't mind doing the same.

Ms. said...

I see Charlie has his "Teddy" too.

Els said...

Yes ...... they all have their (good and ugly) moments ;-)

Nancy said...

Love this! From sweet to terror in 3 seconds flat! Yep, how I spend my work days, so I get it!

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