Saturday, June 24, 2017

the threads - Updated

Wholly unexpected that they would sell out in like, 20 minutes. Grateful to all who made it so. And take heart, there will be more. Who doesn't have fun making candy?

Well. That was fun and will be repeated in the near future. Did I mention that I had a 2000 yard cone of DMC floss sitting around wondering what to do with itself?

Kept these two for myself.
The rest of the first flock is here


Joanne S said...

Yes, please make more-- and is it okay to not have PayPal and just do the old fashioned check or cash in the mail? It's why I hesitated. But so so happy for you. 20 minutes--yes--you make beautiful things!!!!!

Deb said...

If you want to stuff cash in an envelope, why not. The mail is untouched by human hands these days anyway!