Saturday, July 22, 2017


I like mending. Taking something that's been used hard out of love or utility, and bringing it back to life and usefulness with a cloth, stitch and some more love.  This was my Mom's little "go bag".
She carried it slung from her wheelchair for the longest time. It was stuffed with tissues, crackers, coins, pens, lunch leftovers sometimes. It would get pretty nasty when she forgot about the food that she'd squirreled away, so it's had its share of machine washings and every zipper still works. Credit to Vera Bradley for a well-made product. I've been needing something to hold just wallet, keys and phone. This will be perfect. Again.

My head is also mending today. two consecutive evenings with a migraine, courtesy of the toppings on the pizza we had for dinner (and leftover for breakfast) Wednesday and Thursday. Live and keep learning.


  1. I have a few items like this "go" bag. things that just need a bit of mending and then are ready to go again. Vera Bradley did a nice job on construction. I have been using a certain bag to carry those items you mentioned--but then I needed to ALWAYS carry my rescue inhaler. Just doesn't fit. Now I have to go looking for something else..........

  2. How special you are keeping this "go" bag!!! UGH migraine...been there...done that....working late at work and eating pretzels from vending machine would give me a headache every Friday a.m. (my day off!)...go figure..finally learned salt is my enemy! HA Still get those buggers but try to watch. Drink lots of water after eating pizza!!! Helps..


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