Sunday, July 16, 2017

the storm that didn't arrive

All morning it looked like the sky would break open. Hot, thickly humid. There was no going outside for anything. I've been plagued by chaos lately, internal and external, so I did what was at hand - a long overdue purge and cleanup in the studio. Even half-finished, I feel a lot better.

During the rout of un-named boxes of unknown crap, I found a collection of hankies and other tiny, hand embellished things from an era before Kleenex. Into the pre-dye secret sauce, they went. I had a full set of threads prepped and ready for color.
An hour outside on the deck and the additional secret ingredient was my sweat. Everything is in the washing machine right now. If the finished products don't hold up to these wet shots, I'll delete them...the heartbreak of wet photography is real.

And Joanne...look at that little linen blouse. I could kill the woman for being so tiny!

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  1. Laughing......yes, that blouse was very tiny. I kept thinking I would get to know someone it would fit---
    Happy to see it in the secret sauce. I am removing embroidery from a large tablecloth. Coming your way soon as I finish picking the threads out-- it wasn't very well done.. In fact, you will be getting quite a box full of stuff. I had to clean out a closet for the painter so he could get at the walls. Had no idea it was all in there.


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