Thursday, August 31, 2017

False Fall (I hope)

I call him "Git 'Er Done" Jude Hill and I have to take that direction.

It's dark, rainy and cool here. Snoozing in weather. Reading weather. The pool is finally recovered from a bout of "vacation neglect" algae, but by the time the sun finds time for us again, I fear the water is going to be pretty chilly.

I'm finding I'm not as Atlantic Ocean hardy as I used to be. Numb is okay, but not when it persists for an hour after you get out. I blame air conditioning.

I'm in the fiber studio today making a bunch of pieces ready for a small gallery show coming up in September.

There's always the one thing that you can't put your hands on and, not finding it will drive you to distraction (a short hop for me) until you find it.
Nonetheless, I'll git 'er done.

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Paying attention

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Play it again Sam.