Thursday, August 24, 2017

fool the eye

I was in the grocery store today grumbling at the proliferation of "flavors" of bleach. Not wanting to have any of it in the house anyway. Then I spied a tiny little bottle of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing. Why not. My favorite throw and the king sized duvet were looking dingy. Stuff works, even if it is an illusion.


  1. Wow. I wonder if this is a Georgia--Southern only product?
    I'll look at Walmart as it's a southern company.
    Got lots of white things that are looking dingy--like bath towels.

  2. I'm from New York and can remember my grandmother using it.

  3. Okay, I've gotta ask. Where in New York?

  4. Goldens Bridge, Westchester county and most between the Hudson and the Atlantic east and west. North and south from Rhinebeck to the tip of Manhattan. Lots of life packed in there.

  5. I thought that stuff was magic when i was a kid, making the white of clear--my grandmother used it in Hamilton, Ontario.


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