Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Just love

Charlie's third birthday was yesterday.

I spent the day before with him but didn't say much about the special day pending.  I think too much anticipation for a toddler can be like a hard dose of sugar.

Taking some time to visit distant family and I'm already missing him.

I'll be traveling for a while. As of Friday, 8/4 the shop will be closed until I get back. 


  1. Happy Birthday every day dear Charlie

  2. Ohhhhh how time goes by ;-)
    Great little boy !

  3. we're always saying how fast it goes, those days of babies
    but looking at him here, it's surreal...
    "just yesterday"

    i'm so glad i've been able to share him here, has prepared me
    for what's next, made me Ready
    Love to you and your boy...have a great time away and hurry back

  4. Darling boy. Three years, oh my.

  5. What a perfect photo! Frame it. Hang it where you can look t it often. xoxo


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