Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Now, this is what I had in mind!

It took two passes, but it was worth the trouble. This is the Cassini group.

I'll label and post them tomorrow in the store.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

oh whaaa. These are presenting as an obcessive urge toward addiction.

i really



Deb said...

Of course, you know I kept two, just two, for myself. Making them is one thing. Having them, another. Actually using them an altogether different thing that I am challenging myself to do. Doing something with them.

Tina Zaffiro said...

Yes yes your threads just keep getting better and better ... I love the brightness of this batch and would like to order. How did I do that?

Liz A said...

I thought they were wonderful before ... now they are downright amazingly wonderful

Lori Shaw said...

Hello! Gorgeous work! I will keep an eye open for the link to purchase...

Joanne S said...

I was getting ready to stop working at the away job.
These threads are making me reconsider. Damn.

Oh. So. Smooth. To Sew.

On the wall

Ace of Cups and Four of Cups. I need a new project.

Play it again Sam.