Thursday, September 14, 2017

tooling up for color

Look at these huge crystals! Rock salt for ice cream with facets like big, smiling faces just waiting to get to work with the dyes. No more of that spendy pink Himalayan salad stuff. Used it all.

Packages and letters are away! Mollymook, Camperdown and Polvadera, heads up! A week to ten days, give or take.

My friends live in places with names as interesting as the new colors who arrived yesterday: Raven, Robins Egg, Avocado, BlueViolet, Daffodil and Golden Brown.

I have to figure out a whole new way to dye indoors. There will be a technicolor bathtub and sink. For fun, I'm going to make a smock, a large rug and a set of towels, all cotton, only for dye fests.


  1. Have been stitching your "dirty" thread (I'd call it enchanted myself) on a bit of your cloth, using Saskia's words ... I will pass the time imagining your new accoutrements

  2. a the thought of a
    smock. what a great word

    as is looking around at what i might refer to
    as accoutrements here....?.......


  3. I have dismembered a fitted sheet, cutting the elastic away from the cloth with about six inches to spare..Ruffles galore! There will be pockets too.

  4. Camperdown Hooray, please e-mail the invoice and I will pay you straight away!

  5. You must throw the dyes around a lot... I do all my dyeing on the top of the washer & dryer, but I have a rinse sink next to them so I can mix dyes & rinse/wash right there. The sink starts looking a little funky after awhile, but it's my house and I don't care! BTW, I have all those colors... bet you'll like 'em! Happy dyeing...

  6. Delicious colors. And rock salt--perfect!

    Trial and Error is the way most great things were developed. Take pictures along the way and keep a journal. there may be a "BOOK" on dyeing in your future. and knowing your way of spinning a tale--a great read.

  7. Glad someone is full of confidence. Today, I am not.


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