Thursday, October 05, 2017


That Sunday shift turned into a three-day siege. We got some restorative fresh air and sunshine yesterday. Painting in the park with lemonade and sticks.


Joanne S said...

I remember days like this with my own little guy.
Middle ear infections. Mine threw up a lot--yours?
He's 46 now.

Ms. said...

I had to look it up: A caesura (/siːˈʒjʊərə/ or /sɪˈʒʊrə/, pl. caesuras or caesurae; Latin for "cutting"), also written cæsura and cesura, is a break in a verse where one phrase ends and the following phrase begins. It may be a comma, a tick, or two slashed lines //. In time value this break may vary between the slightest perception of silence all the way up to a full pause. Considered a breath, a caesura in music represents a similar break or pause.[1] The length of a caesura where notated is at the discretion of the conductor. In choral works a brief caesura may be notated where singers are to catch their breath.

OK--Did you know there's a music album of this name.

To call a three day seige a ceasura requires a writers powers. You got'em and Charlie looks perfectly content in his pattern of sunlight markings.

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