Wednesday, October 25, 2017


With the fall chill comes the need to fiddle string into something useful. I've thrown in the towel on that damn yarn. I can't count how many years I've started a project with those four skeins of blue, purple and brown Lion Homespun, then unraveled it all back into balls. I think I'll put them in a bag and leave them at the Little Library in the park.

I don't even know what these all are, the cones are unmarked. The ball is Perle cotton. One of them is bamboo. A rayon maybe? All five together make a satisfying, if a little pesky,  weight to work.

Nanowrimo starts next month. There is no way I have the time to commit to a new novel, not under the gun, so to speak. But I make take the time to frame up the next one to get out from under the bog of revising the current one for a while.

Fresh eyes. fresh perspective.


  1. Oooooo ... ! you're using all these thin threads together as ONE ... !
    (ha always thought these "pots" were made of thick bulky yarn .... :-D !)

  2. stilling...what a beautyfull word....

  3. Els...all the others seen here were, Lily Sugar & Cream cotton. This one, though, I'm using up all these weird yarns I was given to dye.


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