Thursday, October 12, 2017

strange doings

The (unseen) bloody of this picture had to be attended to first. While I picked glass slivers from my hand, this river of Turquoise dye, King of Stains, wandered across the table and cascaded to the floor. 

A mason jar that I was holding vibrated under my fingers and an eye-shaped shard sprang out. The vibration felt as if I had a big bumblebee inside the middle and ring fingers of the glove I was wearing. It was the strangest sensation.

I thought I was using a paint stick to stir the dye but while I was cleaning up, I found it still clean. Even if I had used a spoon, I would have been careful not to bang it around in the jar. 

The upshot was that I spent over an hour cleaning and by the time I was done, my back was saying "that's it for the dye day" but I staggered back outside onto the deck and got it done. I will be sorry tomorrow.


  1. (((Deb))) white light

  2. Weird! And what a mess. I've only had one really big disaster in the 20 years I've been dyeing, but it was a doozie... not fun to clean up!

  3. Definitely not the recommended way to get iron content into your dye ... hope you heal well and soon

  4. That was unexpected to say the least. Be well.


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