Sunday, January 28, 2018


Just seeing if the fingers remember. I have a few spools of metallic thread that I could never get the Janome to like. Not the best for handwork, but they slow me down, which is good.

I'm a bit burned out right now, writing-wise. They say that happens when you are coming up to the end and realize that you have to start from the beginning with a new set of eyes, a different mindset, and really sharp knife.


Ms. said...

Your stick to it needs a pause. The edit is a daunting process.
Love to your work when you're ready. Tomorrow is Charlie so that change should work out fine for clearing the cobwebs before you sharpen your knife.

susan hemann said...

I love your fish!

TGIF even tho I only went back to work just yesterday.

My Swedish ivy is loving being back outside. I need to get some small pots to start a squad of offspring for gift giving. On sale at ...

Play it again Sam.