Sunday, January 07, 2018


Like most everyone I know, winter of the body and the soul continues. Part of me says, "Hey, Yankee, it's only the beginning of January. Suck it up!"  All we have had here in this part of Georgia is cold temperatures.

It's been colder and we've done it without central heat. It's the soul cold that I'm feeling today.

At night, between callers, I've been mindlessly using up the rest of the mystery string. I was thinking about a different configuration, something that hangs with a hole on the side so that birds might make nests.  There are also a half dozen new potholders at work down in the kitchen. Same fiber, same outsized gauge. For scale, that is the large spool of Sulky cotton.

And these are my rescues from Kroger.


  1. Your baskets are wonderful . . . I love how you recycle and make amazing art from old used material. You have a great eye for detail and all of your projects are so unique and out of the box. It's very refreshing.
    Happy New Year!
    Connie :)

  2. I also rescue flowers--but mine come out of the trash can at work.
    I have found that the preservative sold at Christmas for the Christmas trees--well.. added to the flower water- the flowers perk up and last three or four days. Making my days brighter.

    Better flowers through chemicals.

    Nice to see Jimmy.

    It's cold here. Sunshine makes it bearable but one degree during the day is tough 10 or 15 BELOW at night. ugh..You could do what my husband does--he has a disease where he is always cold--heating pad on back and shoulders. Makes him think he's warm.

  3. Your nests are perfect if you can get them up anywhere and stuff them with down maybe. Saving birds and saving floral discards. commendable!

  4. Soul cold of a kind I can't imagine and so my heart aches for you. I bid you warmth and peace ...

  5. soul cold haunts us all this winter. and BTW, Ms. Former New Yorker, we had ten days of exceedingly (and I mean EXCEEDINGly) cold temps. Stay warm. Love the flowers and the thought of you crocheting in the night.


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