Tuesday, March 20, 2018

at hand

My friend Grace is in a new, strange and limiting place. She's working with just whats at hand. The comments tell the tale as much as the picture.

It took me ten minutes to choose these. I took the picture and tossed them back into the sea of cloth.

My biggest art challenge has always been an almost compulsive need to use every crayon in the box. Limiting my pallet has always been painful.

The black & white series from '12-'13 was a sideways attempt to face that issue. Slick me, I found out just how many shades of gray there are between those two poles. Then my life kind of came unglued and I'm still finding my way.

We made it through the storm with no trauma or damage 


  1. love your wild sense of colour (((Deb)))!

  2. That was mesmerizing---frogs? lightning....it could have gone on another hour before I'd lose my mind (only kidding). Glade no damage! Ours hasn't really gotten going yet..they said after Midnight and all night through the morning. Schools are closed and I intend to follow suit up here on the third floor.

  3. Yes, those are the tree frogs that take over my pool in the spring - their Club Med - fornicating like mad until we drain the pool and clean it which we try to get done before the eggs hatch and the tadpoles take over.

  4. We had a vernal pond for the early years here--the noise was sort of sweet--Spring.
    Now it's dried up due to climate etc. perhaps with all the snow this year?

    I always loved the Karma series--especially IV. Love that one. V has always brought to mind a Prehistoric Funhouse. In fact, reading your posts back then, I started my own series using black. Not like yours (wild abandon) but more like me. Tight trying to be looser.

  5. Aw shucks, just embrace the wild, beautiful color that is you!
    Those frogs are something!

  6. Anonymous10:09 PM

    working with B&W was an exercise recommended to me in a quilting class long ago -- for exactly the reason you state. To shake up the process of choosing color.


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