Tuesday, March 13, 2018

learning to pace

I was going to take advantage of the strong morning light and work on Wanderer for a while but after just a few minutes, it hurt too much to sit up. Coffee and drugs are necessary. Today will be a reading and writing day.

Sweetie and I wait for the Aleve to kick in.  Charlie and I had a great day yesterday, but I bit off more than I could choke down what with getting him in and out of a car seat in the back of a two-door eight times in two hours. Soon I'll be teaching him how to buckle himself in and my problem will be solved.

But - all scrap orders made it to the post office, and Charlie was properly entertained, napped, fed and exercised. Today I pay, but it was so worth it to be in his company doing fun stuff.


Joanne S said...

Where is the Peter Rabbit lunch from?
here in Maine we have so few entertainments.

I can't imagine a car seat in a two door car-- Ouch!!!!

Deb said...

See those golden arches? Where else? McDonald's I know, but the Accord has an interesting feature. A pedal low on the back of the passenger seat slides it all the way forward and folded. Once he's in the seat, I can climb in to secure him. Pesky, but do-able and a core work-out like crazy!

Nancy said...

Ouch! He is an adorable reason to have to lay low the next day though!! his family look is so strong in him!

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