Sunday, March 04, 2018

traveling vs wandering

I've never had a flight canceled out from under me and never lost a bag. Both in one day? I guess the two go hand in hand. This - now titled "Wanderer" was in my duffel along with all my favorite comfort clothing. It took an extra day, but everything is safe at home, hand-delivered by Delta. Who knows where this thing (and my clothes) has been? As Charlie told me, "It's a mystery."

It was an unexpectedly fast turnaround. In NY for only two days, I beat the storm out of town! Sorry for those left behind who are still without power.


  1. Glad you beat the storm and super glad you got this lovely back.

  2. It would have been tragic if that quilt would have been lost. Your stitching is so beautiful, you amaze me:)
    Happy you missed the storm and that your bag was found and is safely home with you.
    Connie :)

  3. Wanderer is amazing. So grateful you and all returned home safe and sound.

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