Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Storm light

Had a Charlie Monday that turned into quite the adventure! We went to my friends pool, had nearly two hours of serious pool time. With the help of swim belt, he's terrifyingly fearless, flinging himself into water over his head, kicking and paddling like a pro.

One minute the sun was shining, we sitting on the edge of the pool  having popsicles and I happened to stand up to see this coming at us over the pool house. Moving fast. There was no thunder, no wind.

We scrambled to gather up our stuff and put on shoes - never mind change into dry clothes! and dashed for the car. I just managed to get Charlie belted into his seat when the skies opened up. I took a back way to get him home and it was driving in a car wash. Traffic lights were out and we all had to trust that everyone would relax and take their turns, four-way stop style.                     

Charlie was a little apprehensive at first but I put on a new CD, a disc from Above the Clouds, the Glen Frey collection and we both loved it. Got us home calm and collected, if a little pruney.

Colin took the second more dramatic picture from close to our house.


  1. stunning photographs and just love the new header!

  2. Thanks, the header photo and the better of the two storm photos are both by my son Colin. He's got a great eye.

  3. Yes he does. I still have his moon photo in my favorite pictures file. Going to put the storm clouds there now.


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