Saturday, June 23, 2018


I know. It was a few days ago, but I've been busy. Up to my ears with Life, including family, work, and art - like everyone else!  But Summer is well and truly here. Those of you who have come around for a while know this scene well.
This summer marks the twentieth year of this magical place.

I was beginning to worry that, due to a combination of circumstances, it might not happen this year. But Colin got it done including rescuing a half-million tadpoles that had been conceived and born during the delay. Bucket by bucket, he took them down to the creek. Froggy resettlement on a huge scale.

There was an infrastructure fail that allowed about half the new water to sneak off down to the creek, but we got it fixed and refilled.  I don't want to think about the upcoming water bill, but I will be working a little overtime in the upcoming weeks - and it will be worth it!

We moved into the house and before changing anything else, Jim made this happen. There had been a small financial windfall as a result of a life-changing, on the job injury he suffered and he decided that this was the best use of a good chunk of the settlement. We never regretted that decision.

Yesterday, I went in for the first time. For fresh from the ground water, it was refreshing, not freezing.  I have to remember to bring my hat down there and am shopping for a floaty. Also have to set some time limits. Nah, that's crap!

Every time I get in, it's like church and I have Jimmy to thank for it.


  1. enjoy your summer while we slide into winter on the other side of the world

  2. Water ... the stuff of life

  3. We had a structural failure with our pool last week and had to quickly drain our just perfected water. We felt fairly devastated...pools are such hard work, time consuming, and we cherish pool time so much...but in the scheme of things, not a big deal. Funny how perspective can change. Your pool is lovely. At least our pool fail corresponded with heavy rain and cool temps. We wouldn't have been able to use it anyway!

  4. Ours failed on the fill, a poorly reconnected hose. No chemicals lost because I use are those pills in the floating ducks butts.


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