Sunday, June 24, 2018


There was a brief thunderstorm midday and after it passed, the light was just so.

I brought the river basket out onto the high deck to see if the cloth had anything to say to me.

Too much.

I need to empty it out and put all these beautiful things away, out of sight for a while. I'm tempted to make a garment of some sort which will mean that no one will ever see them.

I'll give it time. They'll star another time, another place.

The heat and humidity have the gardens in glory.
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I corralled a couple dozen tadpoles. They eat lettuce and broccoli and when they get legs and leave the bowl, they'll live out here in the houseplants.


  1. That last piece of cloth is magnificent. And the magical artist.

  2. Deb....CAN YOU? make prints of that last photograph, of you...of you and cloth, you/Cloth? Could you? So we could purchase cover your costs, and we could put it on our walls, like some people put photographs of family? how for some of us, you ARE family?????
    Could you?....Would you?????????????????????????????????
    If the answer is not, i will be sad.

  3. How the bit of blue cloth at 1:00 in the first picture and at 11:00 in the second picture, perfectly mirrors the water peeking through the railing behind it. And the last picture ... wonder-full

  4. y'all are gonna give me a big head


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