Wednesday, July 25, 2018

another studio tour

At first, I thought, "Not another glimpse into the perfect world of another artist..." then I saw who the Artist was and knew that I was in for some reality.
Thanks, Dee Mallon, for the refreshing truth. Here's mine.

Judge if you want to. Can anyone remember the last time I cared about that? I'm going to take a stab at JUST the table today, and not just stuff it all into that closet.


  1. Oh yea!!! I was hoping Dee's post would inspire others ... thanks for the tour. I will judge not lest I be judged ... and I really love your stitching chair

  2. That's next, unburying it, give it a good vacuum. Clean off the little table next to it and find the lamp.

  3. What I think happens to all of us--we go looking for something--tearing the room apart--then find it and go back to what we were doing. No putting things away. I no longer have a workroom--so if I could do pictures--I'd show you the Attic!!!! Full of fabric, quilts and mysteries.

  4. (((Deb)))love seeing all the colour you surround yourself with!

  5. Deemallon8:59 PM

    Ha. Thanks for the peek! Another way we are kindred.

  6. Bountiful and full of potential. Gorgeous.

  7. I have been away from my studio so much this summer - that there is dust!


  8. This is great! So much cloth, so much creativity! I agree with Joanne, you go looking and the next thing ya know... lol


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