Sunday, July 08, 2018

out of the blues

A dash to the store for gloves. recalling there was no fabric soften. squeezing the boxes. sniffing the flavors.

The memory of the smell of a load of warm, dry towels he dropped in my lap opened a mile-wide chasm of missing him.

He used to watch me do this magic from the couch. Come out to see what was making me smile. Smile with me.

Tease me for purple fingers.

There's magic in memory, too.



  1. Dear Deb, love for and to you...for your beautiful memories and heart.

  2. It's little things like that.........brings the love right back to you.

    My husband spent the afternoon making cages for the grow box tomatoes. Building them out of bamboo sticks. Because the tomato plants make me smile. Love is like that.

    Sweet that a sniff of a squeezed dryer sheet box brought it all back to you!!

  3. colourful and bittersweet memories !
    (keep the colour and the sweet !)

  4. lovely, finding life to be bittersweet lately


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