Tuesday, July 10, 2018

string theory

A while back I was gifted this fat skein of silk/cotton. The individual threads are very fine, a little thicker than regular sewing thread.

I hung it over the back of my office chair trying to work out how to wind it into small balls.  Lost my place in time and...the whole thing wound up caught in the base of the swivel chair. The only solution was cutting through the hank.

So now I have hundreds of single threads that are about 42 inches long. Plenty to mess with, right?

I was able to easily tease out eight or ten threads at a time, didn't count, and wound them onto these new plastic spindles, small enough to hold the lengths tight.

And now, we'll see if they like getting dyed.  This is pesky shit. Like putting decals on fly wings.


  1. Well, at least you won't have to buy anyembrroidery threads for awhile!! HA hope they dye nice!! What are you using?? Just curious.

  2. I wouldn't use this for embroidery. I'm partial to DMC cotton. Using? as in dyes? Procion MX. I just hatched them out and hung them to dry. Pictures tomorrow.

  3. I love seeing the wild alchemy in your process!

  4. OMG---I would have enjoyed hearing the words you said when the skein wrapped itself in and around the chair. It's always something.

  5. Ha, getting messed up in that chair and then cutting
    was probably the best solution : nice stitching threads !


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