Sunday, July 29, 2018


I just finished a store update and need to step away from the electronics.

It's been a full week of Life. Very little of that creative.
Sometimes stuff just has to smolder before it catches. I can smell the close, Dreamtime sort, and the only-imagined-in-nightmares kind that so many on the west coast are actually living with. I cannot imagine. I look at the names of the fires, the towns, and cities in the path of danger and then check that against the whereabouts of those I know, even if only through the ether. Always with fingers crossed.

Lately, I've been feeling a little guilty about the weather here. While it seems like the whole country is suffering under abnormal extremes, this backward backwater is enjoying a Summer of old. Sure it gets hot and humid enough to grow mushrooms in your crack. And the thunderstorms roll through as regular as the CSX freight that wakes me each morning at 4:30 am. But none of it has seemed wrong or out of order.  Such hubris! It's only the end of July. Shut mah mouth!

We have a hawk family nesting close by. One of the babies - a spotty near-adult- and one of the parents have been working the front yard for something in the grass. We don't have moles. Snakes maybe? The birds look fat and healthy. The squirrels seem fewer and I'm grateful.


  1. Love, love, love puddle jumpers ... wish we had them when our kids were little

  2. Summer in Georgia is like no other. I loved my 6 years living there. The tomatoes were to die for. I had my little garden out behind the rented townhouse (which is now under a runway for the airport) of red dirt and peat (my addition) and grew the most awesome delicious tomatoes. Tomato sandwiches. Just white bread, mayo and an inch thick center slice from a huge ripe tomato.

  3. The joy of water!

  4. I don't have enough sun anyplace in the yard except on the big deck where the potted tomatoes and peppers are doing okay. I love a tomato sandwich perfected by a sprinkling of bacon pieces.

  5. Absolutely loved hearing your voice!

  6. You seem to have an intruder in your comments--the Attorney advertising! Jeez!

    But, happy for you all having a lovely old fashioned Summer. You deserve it.

  7. I cooled down just watching that video. Memories in the making for
    that little man!


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