Monday, August 20, 2018

Charlie Monday

Charlie turned four on August 1 and pre-K started 8/6. It was no surprise that he wasn't thrilled with going from being the center of the known universe to just one more Cog in the Great Wheel. It's been rough on everyone. Hardest on him.
It's been a rough ride.

Days that started out well crashed and burned.

Today he had his first Great Monday with 8 out of 9 Smileys on his chart.

I think he's getting it!


Ms. said...

Bravo Charlie! You are my hero. May you have many more great days.

Liz A said...

How fortunate for Charlie to have you on his team ... how fortunate for you to be able to share in his hard-won victories

Joanne S said...

I don't like being a cog, either. Glad to hear things are getting more and more positive!!!!

Deb Lacativa said...

Today was a success too! Progress!

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