Wednesday, September 26, 2018

a day out of time

Today is the first weekday since school started (August 6 down here) that I wasn't up before dawn to get Charlie up, fed and off to school. They have some family time today and I got to sleep in. Like I could.

I watched the full moon dance through the trees, consulted Sweetie on the state of her sandbox, made coffee and got on with it. My place, my things, even myself have been so neglected for so long in favor of other projects, a morning shower felt bizarre.

Now I'm in the studio looking over the cloth and threads that got rinsed in the light pass that Florence gave us. There's been no rain since and nature is parched. But it's clouded over with showers promised. I have a post office run, then I'll be back. I need to clear the design walls. To make way.  Go through these things and decide if and what to keep for future dreaming.



  1. Well, good to know Flo was good for something, huh? Looks Bountiful!!!!

  2. what to keep for future dreaming....

    it comes to be that the NOw of things begins to feel like
    a forever. But it isn't forever. All the wrinkles will
    relax in time, probably really, short time. that future
    dreaming becoming the NOw. i hope you aren't too quick
    to sort...what's happening now is fine tuning you, informing
    work that will come.
    this is what i remind self of, daily. i'm pretty sure it's true.

  3. (((Deb))) you have a rainbow coloured heart!

  4. I brought cloth and threads with me to St Louis, but really, it was impossible. The kids are wonderful, the hours and days fly by with not a stitch taken.

    Time for you ... time for your cloth and thread. I wish for you some time ... there is so much beauty in these raw materials, waiting for your needle in hand


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