Sunday, September 09, 2018

catching up

Getting up at 5am to get Charlie up, fed and off to school each day is reaping some unexpected rewards - beyond getting to spend time with him each morning.

He's been having trouble adjusting to the regimented world of Pre-K and some days, he just can't hack it and winds up needing a caretaker for the day.

Rather than drive all the way home after dropping him off, I've been hanging out at the nearest library working on the book pretty consistently. Whether I'm working on mine or someone else's, it's getting done. But why can't libraries open before 10am?  I chill in the parking lot, and as you can see, by nine, I'm not alone.

There's a fair number of what seem to be homeschool groups - three to five kids and one adult - working quietly, (away from the computers) no cell phones in sight. It's encouraging.

Here are about half of my houseplants enjoying their last weeks outdoors. I'm going to do some serious pruning and repotting as soon as hurricane Florence drags her hem through the area next weekend. If anyone local is interested in cuttings, let me know.

Mrs. Wilson, the Swedish Ivy is totally off the chain.

Friday brought joy. As a reward for a week of good behavior, Charlie got to bring the class pet, Pete, home with him for the weekend. There were adventures that I'm sure I'll hear all about in the morning.


  1. I love our libraries (I belong to three), one of which recently changed to an earlier 9:00 am opening time.

    Maybe you can start a petition drive in the library parking lot suggesting the library open the doors at 9:00 without circulation and reference services until 10:00.

  2. The last week out of doors has a sad ring, but the week long success of the school boy is the cheeriest image for today.

  3. I have vague memories of the library where I worked being open before 10. But cars lined the street parking near the library to pick up our wifi signal. Wonder if that still works????

    I know it works inside because a guy has a regular "office" set up inside by the back door--he tells folks he's calling on his cell phone that he's now "homeless" but he has a very sophisticated laptop, phone and other electronics hooked up. And the library has AC.

  4. I was a little distracted this morning. I've learned to bring a jacket. Have a nice window seat with a short view to nothing special, a little greenery. Sun comes in but not enough to cause screen glare. Today, a man set up his office. From what I could (too easily) ascertain from his end of phone conversations. A lawyer. He also made a mess of several daily newspapers and left them like that. To my east, two young men took over one of the library's large screen monitors and were trading gaming secrets for some online shoot-em-up thing that had impressive graphics. They were considerate enough to wear earbuds so there was no sound. I still got a lot of work done.


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