Thursday, September 06, 2018

R&R eludes me

Four days free from the day job, but real life goes on. I got a lot of revising done, lost myself in the new season of Ozark and am presently having a delicious wallow with Bruce Springsteen's autobiography, "Born to Run". I don't want to think about politics at this moment, but wouldn't THAT be something?

He's a consummate entertainer in any medium. I was enjoying his accounts of his early childhood in Freehold, NJ and some pop culture reference made me check on how old the Boss actually is. Just three weeks older than me! 

We drank the same Tang, shoplifted the same 45's, and watched Ed Sullivan together, a scant one-hundred miles apart. For fun, I wrote him (anonymously) into my novel. You would if you could.

While soaking up the blood and chaos of "Ozark" I finished what will probably be the last batch of Dirty Threads until next year - unless I can figure out a way to make this very messy magic in my kitchen.

ps. Did I tell you how much I love seeing other artists put my stuff to wonderful use?  Thank you, Liz.

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Dee Mallon said...

Oh my god what a hunk. Reminds me of a fictional hero.


by Gemina Ferrari In case you were wondering how I felt about a bunch of old white men making decisions about women's healthcare and...

Play it again Sam.