Saturday, September 01, 2018

stretching summer

I've always labored on Labor Day.

If you had a corporate job that paid double time on federal holidays, who wouldn't work if they had the chance.

As luck and the calendar would have it, this year, as of midnight tonight, I'm off the day job until Thursday!

Summer is hanging on by a thread, weatherwise. There are plenty of things hanging around the studio needed color and the mailman just came through with the order I placed with ProChem.

There will be color, but the mood is hushed. melancholy. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


Els said...

hmmmm Deb, waiting for new colours .... exciting !

Mo Crow said...

love seeing more of your magic way with colour!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

melancholy can be Vivid

Liz A said...

Labor Day used to mark the turning of season from summer to fall, back in the days when I was growing up in New York. Melancholy exactly the right word for letting go of days on the beach, putting shoes back on bare feet, and gathering supplies for the first day of school.

Now, in Texas, September is the "cruelest month" ... where triple-digit heat will persist while others speak of cool nights farther north. So yes, melancholy.

May your colors be true.


For a little while, she was on the front stoop watching our resident red shouldered hawk working the chipmunks. She just rushed in here ...

Play it again Sam.