Sunday, September 09, 2018


My arms are tired from wrapping things.
Does anyone else remember that intoxicating fragrance by Clinique, Wrappings? It was always so unexpected.

Writing about how something smells is very hard, but satisfying work if you do it right.  Comparisons are just not enough.  I need to find a sample of this one to refresh my memory.

I went outside to get a better look at these threads, confirm the colors in natural light, and wound up messing around with the houseplants. These are already spoken for, but there are plenty more available. (And some free Swedish Ivy if you live within a drive!)

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Els said...

you did well, again !
dyeing ánd wrapping

what spring?

Nothing like a summer cold in Georgia. You just think that being outside in the air and sun would be a good thing until you try it. Ch...

Play it again Sam.