Friday, May 31, 2019

a raft of a day

for the rest of the summer, the middle of my week will be a small raft of time away from most other concerns. Charlie will spend a day and a night and another day.

We've decided to tour the parks of Gwinnett - there are tons. Starting next week, we'll focus on the parks with water features, fountains and such. Pools we have at home. There will also be strange eats. New things. The old things, TV cartoons, and toys will have their place too, as a matter of comfort.

We had to hike a bit to get to the new playground in Lilburn. It was very hot and, step by step, I was thinking, "this is too hard." But he was running out ahead of me across the dusty grass, fully expecting that I was right behind him. One foot in front of the other. Lunch with La Luchador.

This was lunch on the first day. That's my sorry Ceasar salad in the foreground. The kid gets cake. He said, "This is not good for you, Nana," and made a point of not leaving any leftovers.

For all of it, shockingly, I feel better today than I have in weeks.

One foot in front of the other it is then.

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  1. Salad looks DELICIOUS to me-- maybe in Time to you also?
    I always get the dressing on the side--then the lettuce stays crisper.


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