Saturday, May 25, 2019


I get requests.

Whether or not I can grant them remains a mystery.

Can I duplicate a thread? I can try, but it's not looking likely.  The colors here are not part of my current pallet.

The bigger problem. Can I make enough of one color so an artist can approach a larger project with more than just one bobbin of a favorite color?

That was the aspect I tackled today. With a slight change of process, I might have hatched out some close cousins. Won't know until everything is dried and spooled.

It was too damn hot out there for this old spider. I think I may try the next run by the full moon and maybe a candle. The colors will be a mystery even to me.
the picnic table...pity the colors won't stay

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A hot mess

Right after this sunset, the pink moon peeked over the opposite horizon for a few minutes before it was swallowed whole by a thunder...

Play it again Sam.