Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Marks and decay

dreaming. procrastinating. suspended in time.

 In the story, the little girl secretly embroiders messages into clothing and bed linens. White on white. "sweet dreams", "he loves you", and "run while you can".

I just bought some new dye colors: raven. blueberry. soft orange. bronze. peacock. deep space. pomegranate. brushed steel. robin's egg and goldeneye.


  1. your words remind me of one of the best artist statements ever-
    “sews poems into shadows, pillows, and street corners.”
    written by Maria José Gonzalez Arredondo in the gallery catalogue for the Object Poems show (now sadly deleted) at 23 Sandy Gallery in 2011 when I bought 'Through an Object Poem' by her partner Mark Owens

  2. Gorgeous photograph and messages.

  3. Could that --words--be the story my cloth tells. No cats, beasts or animals. Words.
    And not easily seen. A secret.

    I don't like flirty men. Sets my teeth on edge. From a past life I think.

  4. love the asemic writing (a concept I learned from Mo)

  5. These words won't come back to bite. Hidden and safe, like an animal's

  6. Beautiful visuals, words & thoughts. A favorite old picture book is about a woman who embroiders inside pockets & changes her world. (Regarding the raven, deep space, pomegranate, robin's egg, etc... Stop it. I have no will power.)

  7. Love the marks, and you just bought several of my fave colors... some really do well ice dyed.


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