Saturday, May 11, 2019

something different

Never fool with technology when you are bored and not paying full attention. Still, this is not a bad layout and it's supposed to be mobile friendly.

Started the day early with a little stitch and music while I mused on the nature of Evil. I know, weird, but this is what writers do.

Then I went downstairs to take care of the kitchen and was seized by the spirits of the next book. Got a big chunk of that out of the way.

Then we got to renew the thrill of hearing vinyl on a turntable. The Flaming Lips have a 45 of  Bowie's "Space Oddity".  Great stuff!


  1. WOW you get a lot done at the right time....Your big son at the turntable? The Flaming lips gave it the ominous twist it needs. Hope you had a sweet 12rh.

  2. Shaping the story for the first time with a lot of pre-existing tidbits is like getting struck by lightning. Zap!

    Yes, Colin is the DJ.
    It was a lovely mother's day.


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