Sunday, January 08, 2006

I have been memetagged.....

By Debra Roby of the infamous AQRing Debs, and me with my shots out of date. It's the 4 Things Thing. Getting tagged is something like getting an eartag, the painful indignity inflicted on animals by people insisting on knowing where they are and what they have been up to and not unlike the alien anal probe. I was going to plead early onset Alzheimers and skip it but I had a vague notion that not meme-ing when tagged rates up there with farting in church and using your fish fork to scratch between your shoulder blades. I was also tempted to lie wildly but the truth is out there now. Four Jobs You've Had: Domestic Engineer (the Paid kind),Phone Slut,Proofreader, Computer Network Security Administrator Four Movies You Watch: Shakespeare In Love, You've Got Mail, Jaws, The Natural Four Places You've Lived: 122 Commercial Street, 10 Bank Street, 15 Baker Steet,25 1/2 Dykeman Road Four TV Shows you Watch: Law & Order, West Wing, Deadwood, The Gems Rotating on the Lazy Susan Show Four Places You've Been on Vacation: Panama City, FL, Hyannis, MA, Savannah, GA, Naragansett, RI Four Websites You Visit Every Day: NYTimes, CraigsList ATL, TheStreet, Refdesk Four Of Your Favorite Foods: Bing Cherries, Fried Clams, Key Lime Pie, Apple Cider Four Places You'd Rather Be: any beach, any sailboat, any frozen lake at night, any jurybox Four (real)Albums You Can't Live Without: Rubber Soul - Beatles, The Essential Artie Shaw, Hell Freezes Over - Eagles, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy -- Sarah McLachlan Four People You'll Pass This On To: Let's surprise them.

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