Friday, January 27, 2006

the Zombies efforts

"E's not dead, just stunned" -Monty Python Here's evidence that I have not shuffled off this mortal coil - about one tenth of my stash folded and sorted by color...and then adorned with Cat Ass. Still no shelves to contain them so these stacks will probably go into right back into the plastic boxes.Deep in the night for the past week, I might have wished for that shuffle in my coma-dreams. There was little sleep. I injured my back last week in a very stupid manner.

For those of you who know about Yoga, I actually fell asleep in a fat woman's variation of the Child's Pose. You know, knees a-spraddle, belly dragging on the mattress and head cradled on folded arms as I listened to the music from the "Breathe" yoga show on TV. The Dr. heckled me for stretching my sciatic nerve (let's hope she's right) and then went on to prescribe some Hillbilly Heroin for me. I took one dose, spent two hours scratching madly, giggled inappropriately at the TV, goaded the sleeping cats into play, and to frost the cake, took out markers and started coloring in the dark. About two in the morning, my GoodMan rolled over and told me he was planning on smothering me with a pillow if I didn't settle down. The pain never left, I just didn't care. No more O. for me.

When not feeling too totally crappy, I have resumed machine quilting this un-named project I started last summer at Elizabeth Barton's studio. And no jokes about a dildo farm. This piece is quite large and I really didn't notice all things being at arm's length and all.


Debra said...

I used to try and wake up to do BREATHE... hasn't happened lately. The music is so good and the work seems so easy until try to do it!!

I miss the 8 am repeat of the class. (sigh). But I've never fallen asleep!!

Your piece doesn't "really" look like a dildo farm.. It looks like a bunch of hobbit apartments.

Melly said...

I just plan love your sense of humor. You crack me up all the time.

Valeri said...

Your post made me feel virtuous about not doing Yoga! Grin And I like the on Mars? Reminds me of a TV program the kids used to watch years ago..I think it was called The Clangers.

mary m. said...

You are a riot!!!! Did you overstretch your Piriformis muscle sleeping in that position? There's a "fold and hold" method good for any tight muscle in the contract it in a comfortable position for 90 seconds, THEN stretch.

For piriformis (which the sciatic nerve is encased in) just lie down either supine or prone and bend affected side out at knee like a frogs. Hold for 90 seconds, then stretch GENTLY, bringing bent leg over to opposite side.

The theory is that when the muscle is contracted for 90 seconds, blood can seep in a nourish it, so you get a more effective stretch. Hope this helps.

Karoda said...

Coloring in the dark...sounds like driving while drunk. I hope your pain has eased.

arlee said...

ummmmmm forgive me for asking (i may have mixed up the Stoopid pills with the Vitamins this morn)---what's Hillbilly Heroin????? Do i have an equivalent here in BC do you supose???

deb said...

I've decided to call this "
the Desire in the Shire" . Y'all figure it out.