Sunday, March 04, 2007


(cue Little Richard - SOMEBODY HELP ME!) Remember these earrings I got for Christmas two years ago? They are lost somewhere in my house and I am heartsick, not to mention wallet-appalled. I jokingly called these my bail fund but more important, they were a gift from my GoodMan and in thirty years of marriage I have never lost a gift he has given me. If someone out there has any psychic clues, please be generous. Looking for them has become obsessive. Today I am going to tear apart a California King-sized platform bed on the off chance that they somehow got under it in a place I cannot see or reach. I have run out of logical places to look and it's making me crazier than usual. OK-it's NOT under the bed. My stomach hurts from trying to move the mattress alone but I'm satisfied that nothing I really want was under there. Joyce suggests prayers to St.Anthony. I'm easy, I'll go with whatever voodoo BS gets the job done. Spaghetti sauce & meatballs today in St.Anthony's honor. Tony, help me find my diamonds, Dammit!


  1. My FIL used to pray to St Anthony, patron saint of lost things, or maybe it was people who had lost things. I heard that he has been demoted from sanithood for some reason (St Anthony, not my FIL) but maybe he still helps people find things. Just an idea. Lol. Seriously, I hope you find your earring. I assume you have searched the sofa cushions?

  2. Have you worn a hat lately? Knit is good for earring snagging. Look in the fridge too...I found my retainer [braces] in the toaster once, look there too.

  3. I know the feeling well. I lost my diamond ring for over a year. Finally found it in the pocket of a suitcase along with the other rings that I wear (wore) regulary. If positive thoughts help, you have mine.
    PS: I couldn't tell my husband that ring was missing until after it was found. He had noticed I wasn't wearing it, but thought it was because my fingers were bothering me.

  4. I was going to suggest looking in the freezer or the pantry. Don't know why but lots of things I lose end up in the freezer.

    I am confident that you have cleaned out all your drawers already.

  5. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Things like these will turn up when they want to - meanwhile, check robe pockets in case you took them off if they were bothering you. Check all clothes before washing, and look in the car.

  6. Anonymous4:24 PM

    They are usually found in the last place you look for them!
    But all kidding aside, if you put them on a chest of drawers between wearing, check the drawers.
    And if you still can't find them, get a statue of St. Anthony and face him to the wall until found.
    I don't think he has been de-sainted, that was St Christopher

  7. Check all the nooks and crannies in your bathroom!

  8. try to remember the last time you were wearing them. go through the routine in your mind, of what you were doing, where you took off your coat, did you make a phone call and have to put them somewhere "safe"? Where are those "safe" places? dishes in the kitchen, a bowl in the china cabinet? Were you at a friends, a relatives?
    I lost my gold earrings that my husband gave me and it makes me ill thinking about it. The last time I remember having them, I was at my sisters.

  9. where's a metal detector when you need one :-) I have earrings like those, but they were a Christmas gift two years ago from my sweetie and they rarely leave my ears. Hope you find yours soon!

  10. Anonymous7:35 PM

    How about St Jude, the patron saint of Lost Causes, or failing that, you may have to dissect your pet, if you have one - or wait for nature to take its course.

    In the bed, in the bathroom, in the car - especially under the front seat - in your latest woolly hat...?

    If you've lost both, not just one, you must have taken them off. Not to try on others in a jewellery store? Oh no, it gets worse...


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