Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good things happen when you aren't looking

I used this image a long time ago and it still continues to be relevant. Yesterday several friends emailed me to let me know that congrats were in order - I have had two pieces accepted into PAQA South's "Art Quilts - Markings" and later in the day came an invitation to have my work seen by a production company that buys art for set decoration in films! Who knew? That's another phrase that keeps coming out of my mouth these days. Good thing I'm not chewing gum when I cross the street. The latter opportunity fills me with wonder. Have you ever sat and watched a film just to eyeball the paintings and sculptures? Take a fresh look at "Meet Joe Black" (as if Brad Pitt was difficult to look at)- the mansion where most of the movie was shot is full of the most amazing paintings. I can just see my "Sunny Jim" in some chick flick. Well, to quote Judy Tenuta "IT COULD HAPPEN!"


Karoda said...

Hi Deborah...your news is great! heres looking forward to it creating even more opportunities!

cfent said...

what wonderful news for you!!
and well deserved..

Sharon Serrano Ahmed said...

Congratulations! You deserve it!

arlee said...

Fabulous! Now not only will i look at paintings, bridal bouquets and shoes in films, but i'll be watching for your art!