Thursday, October 25, 2007

You can't go "house" again

This was the house where I grew up in Golden's Bridge, New York, the lower Hudson Valley area just a short train ride to Manhattan but still very rural. I went home for a short and sweet visit this past weekend. ...and this was standing where the old house stood for 5o+ years! My brother is building a palace in it's place. It's an astonishing sight - the neighbors all slow to gawk as they drive by. I told Rob he should put a tip bucket out by the mailbox. He has put an incredible team of workers together to get this far since the first week of August. With any luck, they will be able to move back in before real winter sets in the way Indian summer has been dragging it's heels up in New England. The trees were barely thinking about yellow and orange! We took advantage of the balmy weather to break Mom out of the nursing home to enjoy a construction site picnic the day before I left. That's my brother Rob, my Dad (the ecstatic Red Sox fan) my mother Rose and one of my sisters, Kitty. She's a hair stylist and has worked a miracle on me. If I can make it do , with brush and dryer, what she did, I'll post a picture. If not, it's still a fabulous cut. Mom & Dad celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary yesterday. Whew! We took a ride up to see Jim's family about an hour's ride north in the Catskill area - it was wonderful to see them too. I took my sister to The Country Quilter in Somers to get my fiber fix and she became entranced with the ranks of bolts of fabric and put herself on the mailing list for future classes! A new fiber convert! They have a scrap bin there that should have a sign on it "QUILTER's CRACK" . All the scraps you can stuff into a quart sized baggie for $2.50 - I only got one but will send Kitty round to the shop to see what's new on a regular basis.

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