Monday, November 19, 2007


These crocheted cotton mittens took one documentary on Stanley Kubrick, one of his early films "Paths to Glory" and "Shakespeare in Love" to complete. Not a bad way to spend a slow Sunday afternoon. I don't really know how to crochet beyond this one stitch so I just build with this one stitch right on my hand. I was happy they both turned out the same and can't wait for a frosty morning to try them out.


  1. They are quite pretty and will bring light in a foggy morning!

  2. Love the mittens...great yarn. About non-representational, Rothko was an Abstract Expressionist who moved to color field....thought only about the paint on the canvas and interaction of color. I love the idea of translation of this into textile and making a stab at it myself....that would be if I were working in the studio..aargh.

  3. Love those mittens!!! Wish I had a pattern... the colors are fabulous, too!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Caron in Michigan

  4. Caron,
    I wouldn't know what to do with a pattern. These are strictly single crochet that I increase and decrease based on continually trying the thing on my own hand. When I get to the thumb I leave the row with a chain long enough to loop the base of my thumb and then go right back into the same row. Once I finish the length, I go back into the gap, tie into the row and work in a circle decreasing as I go once again measuring on my thumb until I get to the top. That seems Clear as mud.


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