Thursday, November 01, 2007


As ever, my yard full of ghosts did a good job keeping the less hardy trick-or-treaters at bay. Tied to the ends of the tree branches, these are particularly effective when there is a breeze and I stand behind one of the trees and moan menacingly. One adorable baby giraffe made up for a squad of surly zombies and a parade of Paris Hilton wannabes. What were their parents thinking? I feel like posting a sign on the walk "NO ONE OVER THE AGE OF 10 PAST THIS POINT!" I am going to have to open an wholesale used candy store.

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Sue Kaufman said...

I couldn't help but notice the hoochy mama costumes, they seemed to outnumber any other more thoughtful costumes by 10 to 1. The average ages I saw dressed that way were mid elementary age (proud moms standing with them =:o), and then young women late teens through 30ish. None were appealing, and I had more than one conversation that day about it, not all started by me. I don't think it's a good sign.

I helped with the Halloween party at the bookstore where I work, which is at the mall, last Saturday. Then I went to a children's Halloween/birthday party. Then that night, a going away party at a local bar having their Halloween party. Then of course, Halloween day itself. There were few unique costumes...alot of Disney princesses (blech), and alot of pirates (yawn).

On the other hand, there was a much larger crowd for the costume parade at the mall than last year. I did see a few very well made dress costumes, a colonial style dress and a Renaissance style dress, both on children.

Then I got to read a great children's book called Three Little Ghosties. This was a reading in the mall just outside the bookstore. I loved making those sound effects too, and the kids all enjoyed them as well.

Your ghosts look great Deb!