Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Home Towns

Take a look at this list. Do you recognize your home town? (If you do, send me an email and say "Howdy") This is a very partial list of locations for people who have had the interest to stop by my blog or website for a few minutes and look at my work and read about my life. It just staggers me with hope and gratitude that so many people all over this planet can care about something as fleeting and inconsequential as the art-making of a middle aged lady in Old Dixie, America. It reminds me that all over this world, in hometowns everywhere, we all have the same big concerns about family, hopes for the future and desire for life on this fragile planet. We all breathe the air and drink the water. I give thanks.


  1. What a great idea to post the home towns ! I'm in Friday Harbor, Washington, Thanksgiving Blessings to thee and thine !

  2. Happy Thanksgiving from Flushing, Michigan, USA!

    Caron Mosey

  3. What a great thing to remember, and to bring it all back down to hometown. I give thanks for you being here and blogging Deb!

  4. HI there!
    I think sometimes my hometown comes up as Warman, Saskatchewan.....I don't know why because we are 3 hours from there. Maybe that's where our server is...

  5. Flagstaff, AZ! But then again I used to read it in Norwalk, CT


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