Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ancient Beings & New Fabric

Between coughing fits and lie-downs I'm finally cleaning up the guest room and I came across this old photo. When Colin was about 7 we lucked into an old Super-8 movie camera and I made this monster from clay with the intention of making stop motion films. There was once a complete cast of characters but Jake decided that they were more fun to play with than look at. So much for our film venture. I did manage to fool with the soy wax and some dye a bit yesterday. Again a strictly experimental process, no surprise that the turquoise is so pale - the mix was cold and it was chilly outside. The white shapes came from pouring soywax over a set of glass cubes and discs. The metallic gold dots were painted on an heat-set with the iron. 23"x37".


Angelcat said...

I really like your soy fabric. I can see that as skin for a new fabric monster :)

Anonymous said...

oh, I can so see this as a quilt. I must give this design some consideration in piecing. Your blog is a "must read".

juanita sim said...

Hi Deb, Thanks for dropping by and leaving me the link to Jude Hill's blog. I love reading your blog but I haven't been by in a while. What happened to the B&W photo of the wonderful little girl that used to be on your header? I assume that she is you.