Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pell Mell to Hell

Did I just invent an expression that means "here's what happens when you are in too much hurry to read directions or think through processes." On the surface most of these pieces have turned out pretty good for my first time folding, stitching and otherwise torturing perfectly nice fabric. But look at all those stitches that have to be removed. My eyes have given notice that even this computer is more than they want to deal with for a few hours.


imquilternity said...

GORGEOUS fabric!! I say it might be worth all those stitches! :))

corryna said...

I read your whole blog. Amazing, what a beautiful art you make!
I will visit your blog again and would like to make a link on my blog. Is that OK with you?

zquilts said...

OMG - this is absolutely fabulous.
I think all the work was more than worth it !

Alison Schwabe said...

Taking stitches out is tedious, but, I have found a thread that pulls out reeeally well - I use Gutermann's Skala aka bobbin filler to some, on both top and bottom - and when the time comes to take it out, pull the top thread and it comes out very easily, so unpicking is a breeze. I machine stitch grid lines for placement of applied (leather) shapes and these are later removed and replaced with hand quilting. And, I even always now use it for all piecing - it is certainly strong enough, and as I say, so easy to pull out in a twinkling if I need to re-do a seam.