Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Soy wax update

No surprise that I ran out of personal steam before I could take these pieces any further. In fact this is the only one I even bothered ironing and photographing. Looks like that nifty soy wax in the oven trick is a heard it here first. After 30 minutes at 300 degrees I unrolled the yardage expecting gooey pattering - what I go was a snowstorm of unmelted soy wax flakes to sweep up and comb out of my hair. I am happy that I didn't lose my recipe for Monkey Blonde! This piece is 50" long and 30 to 32 inches on the short side...a sloppy tearing job too. I shoulda stayed in bed but will post this one for sale on the Hotcakes site tomorrow. I MUST NOT ADD TO MY STASH!


zquilts said...

I think it cold look good if it was overdyed !

arlee said...

poop, it sounded like an easy cool way of doing it:}
The spirally one is FAB though.