Saturday, April 12, 2008

Juicy bits

Okay - here's what excites me about dyeing my own fabric. This black is just like most black horses - from a distance they look inky. Step up close to pat a flank and you discover that their color is more likely a layer of dark brown, rusts, with black dusted over the top. In this instance, iridescent paint too. Behind that one is one of the two rusted pieces that came out so well. The teal damask has an overlay of iridescence too.Impossible to photograph but still gorgeous.

Then again there's a fool at every party!


jude said...

i have not done much dyeing but you have made me very excited!

susan said...

i made up my dye concentrates, 3 gallons of soda ash water and i just have to go upstairs and cut fabric. tomarrow will be the first time i have dyed fabric in da UP and its over a year since i did any dyeing...pretty stoked to get going again. i am thinking of trying some batiking using that newer soy type wax...guess another book will be involved :-)