Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mudcats final

For the moment, this series of raw edge, hand stitched pieces has run it's course. Now I have to make myself finish them so they don't languish in UFO land. Too much fun to waste. I think I'm going to cover a large(30"x30") pillow with this one. Eeww, actually sewing? I have a ton of administrative work to get through; pieces to ship, new fabrics to post for sale, entries to finish and mail, and that power point presentation looming...all with Spring fever lulling me senseless. Yesterday afternoon I sat outside on the deck painting fabric and listening to the frogs and owls telling tales - a perfect day.


susan said...

i really like that...way kool. a question...do you dye your fabric for "you" or do you sell? just curious

Deb Lacativa said...

Susan - I dye fabric for myself first and sell the leftovers. Dyeing is a mystery process and sometimes the results just don't suit my work but other folks seem to like some of it.

jude said...

the whiskers are my favorite part.