Thursday, April 10, 2008

Personal Archeology

I'm worn out and not entirely thrilled. It's a real mixed bag of results. Some of the things that I already know won't suit the work I have in mind are posted for sale on my Like Hotcakes blog. The second day of hand dyeing is all about the hard work - the serious cleanup, the rinsing, washing, drying, ironing, measuring, documenting....yada yada, on and on. There are a few jewels still rumbling around in the dryer waiting to pick up my spirits later on. While I was rooting around in one of my directories looking for old hand dye images to delete, I found this one from early 2006. The imagery got me thinking about the work that I want to be doing. I have no idea what became of the fabric. Hacked up into something no doubt.


arlee said...

Because you constantly inspire and amaze--and yes, even amuse :}---i've nominated you for an Arte Y Pico Award. You aren't obligated to respond, but i feel you deserve it immensely!!

Judy Rys said...

Oh my, you've been double nominated!
Please see this link for the info