Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rust Never Sleeps

Lately, neither do I for any extended period of time. You would think I would need a good night's sleep after yesterday. After I finished drying and folding all the new fabric, I decided it would be a sin to waste the beautiful weather ironing.Instead, I got busy with the annual Cleaning of the Pool, easily on a par with the Cleaning of the Aegean Stables.

This year I beat the tree frogs to their egglaying but they were not too busy to hang around on the walls of the pool kibbitzing as I worked. In the foreground, Jim's cast iron frying pans are hard at work rusting a couple of pieces of fabric that got left behind. The studio is in chaos with piles of fabric everywhere waiting to be worked on. Tomorrow.

Chag Sameach - Happy Passover !


lyric said...

It must be the day for dyeing here in the south! I went through 50 yards yesterday and have a boatload still to go.
I do like my dryer though. I set it on damp dry then fold them right out of the dryer, smoothing them as I go, stack them. Then they don't need ironing. I hate ironing.

Fun, fun, fun!

arlee said...

oh but what lus cious chaos!!!!