Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back on the wall for now.

All that stitching and still there are design flaws. Value issues abound. There's a lack of focus. Something about the figures is annoying me.

You just get your nose down too close to the technique at hand and the big picture gets away from you every time. Something drastic has to happen here and, for the moment, it's escaping me.


Ann Morrell said...

I see lady spirits or lady folks gathered around a campfire...I really like the swaying movement the the lines suggest...the spirits have a movement as well as the fire is almost like they are dancing and swaying to the drummer that I see in the middle of the piece and being watched my the men of the clan.

arlee said...

I love the colours, the quilting is exquisite, but i'm wondering what they're all looking at in the middle!